A Single “No” Is Better Than A Hundred “Yeses”

Learn to say NO. Learn to say NO on things that are unacceptable. Learn to say NO if you do not want to agree on something.

Why saying NO has become this much strenuous? A straightforward NO just on the spot is such a powerful weapon, a degree of confidence, and a sheer unwillingness to agree on something. Life is a vast experience where learning to say NO is an indispensable part of it. Life is a journey where you meet with different personalities of people and therefore a confident NO would assist in making your life much easier.

Every person goes through a phase of life where mentioning NO is such a hard word to utter and slipping out YES is much more effortless. The worst part of saying YES over a thing on which you didn’t want to speak YES (Funny though) is, it eventually leads to discomfort, regret, and then again a number of yeses. So why not say NO explicitly? So why agree over something which is stealing your comfort? Isn’t a single no better than hundred yeses?

Do you know what happens when you start saying YES to things that seem bland or disagreeable to you? People start taking advantage of your weakness. People would know that you are unable to refuse them and they would ask you to do them heaps of favors. People will use you until you take a stand for yourself just by enunciating as simple as a single NO.

To learn how to say a NO, firstly you would need to digest the fact that saying NO doesn’t make you an impolite or a brusque person. Remember NO is just a word which means your consent is not included. Saying NO doesn’t affect your personality either, however, it saves you from further forceful yeses. Learn to say NO even to your closest friends. A good friend will never get furious over your NO, instead, they will understand you and your reason for a NO. Many of you suffer and lose mental peace and comfort because you don’t know the art of saying NO. But once you learn this art your soul and your mind will find a profound solace.

Moreover, you, yourself also learn to accept NO from other people. Whether it’s a subtle NO or a straightforward NO just take it as NO and never try to impose your rulings or opinions on other people.


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