The Afghan’s Wounds Need Healing

This land has been converted into a scapegoat by the regional and world powers. They have been paying for the sins which they have not committed. Its economic potential, its untapped national resources, and its strategic importance have become imprecations rather than blessings. Their socioeconomic, political, and security indicators have been one of the worst in the world. This soil has become the place of the highest number of imputed citizens in the world.

The US and its allies have not withdrawn completely, the country has been into internal feuds. The intra-Afghan talks have been postponed and the Taliban have started capturing many areas from the Afghan forces. Consequently, uncertainty, bloodbath, chaos, the devastation of the socio-economic situation has been engulfing the Afghans again.

At one end the burden is on the shoulders of the Afghan government, the Taliban while on the other side the responsibility of the involved players in Afghanistan is to engage both parties so that to resolve the points of disagreement. After the withdrawal, whether the Ghani government collapses or not or the Taliban take over Kabul, the wounds will not heal. The Afghan will continue to fight against the Afghan. The internal bloodshed will benefit none, neither the Ghani government, the Taliban, the world, nor the regional players

A peaceful Afghanistan is in the interests of the region and the world. The answer to a bullet should not be a bullet. The Taliban must extrapolate that the stubborn attitude of toppling the government and not participating in a general election will not help them too. If they capture the throne through warmongering, their fate will not be different from that of their last government. A ruin Afghanistan by war will be a halter for the Taliban. A stable and peaceful Afghanistan could be a game-changer for the fulfillment of their manifesto, which could be only possible through a democratic process of election.

Can Afghanistan not become a neutralized state?

Can the regional and world proxies not end?

Do the Afghans have no right to a peaceful living?

Would any county involve there like their imposed doctrines and puppets in their own Countries? The involved internal, regional, and international parties should look into their collars۔

Amid such a horrifying situation, there will be no winner neither the Afghan government nor the Taliban rather the losers will be the citizens of Afghanistan, who had been suffering for decades. All actors should have mercy on these marginalized people. They deserve love and their wounds need healing.

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