We Need to Empower Women

International women’s day celebrates every year on March 8 to pay tribute to amazing women around the world and to come forward at one page for women’s right. This day needs to remember every time until things improve for women globally.

Younger women are now emerging as major agents of change and doing productive movements to solve the issues but some liberals have destroyed the real concept of women’s day and their genuine rights, we should highlight the real problems that women are facing in our society such as rape, domestic violence, no right of education even though, Islam gave women equal rights but our society snatched them and created patriarchy.

We need to understand that don’t teach your daughters to be careful, teach your sons to be respectful. So the basic need is not just to make women aware of their rights, but to make men understand that they have to let women have these rights. We need to empower women so that they could able to take their decisions on their own. A strong woman stands up for herself and a stronger woman can stand up for every other woman.

Social change in our society is much needed to make a woman strong enough to change the mindset and make the world a more equal place because half population of the world is consist of women. The government needs to aware regarding female education so that Pakistan can be a less hostile place for women.

They must present the act upon them rather just doing a photo session and holding a procession does not fulfil the purpose. The government should offer some concrete suggestions and also implement them. Such as the law on women’s harassment has to be 100% implemented.

All political parties need to make a decision that eligible women have to give preference to the national and provincial assembly to ensure at least a 30% ratio of women so that they can participate in decision making. The number of women in judicial, law enforcement agencies and administrative officers is equal to the salt in the flour, it must be brought up to at least 25%. We hope that the above suggestions can be very empowering for women.

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