The mind is the center of everything that controls the body & senses & instructs them to play various roles. If the body & five senses lose or die, then the mind is the sole responsible for that. It is much like, if the soul slips away or gets spoiled then the heart is to be blamed for that because the heart is the internal center of human existence & the mind is the external center of human existence. I know these are some of the very heavy topics to get engaged with because nowadays people has become so materialistic and worldly that they do not give a single second to think about them, but at the same time, it is necessary to study them in order to get to know ourselves so that we can get to know our God. As William Wordsworth says that “The world is too much with us”. Even Quran Testifies and narrates, “This world is no more than the deception of eyes”.

More importantly, we human beings always rely on our intellect & resultantly our intellect always leads us to the half-truth, or we may say an incomplete picture of the existence, universe, ultimately God. Hence, the whole life man spends through but never gets to know the purpose of his being, his existence, his essence, the purpose of his creation, etc. That is the ideology of Allama Iqbal also. When He says that the decisions that are taken by our intuition are profoundly accurate, but we make more fragile decisions when we inculcate our mind, thought, or intellect in it. And there we make mistakes.

At many places in the Quran, Allah directs us to ponder over things by using intellect: “We have bestowed you with eyes, ears, and intellect to find the sign of Our existence”. In every other verse, we see Allah appreciating those who do not follow blindly but those who successfully find God by their inner sight and intellect. To have control over mind or intellect will give us enough ground to survive better & better in the material world, but to reach or touch unlimited then process or work of consciousness begins. How much conscious a person is will decide how much he will get closer to himself ultimately closer to his God.

Moreover, intellect is a cutting instrument that only works to cut things & get things done therefore it has its limits, whereas kindness, patience, love, etc. are the attributes of something innate that are associated with heart & soul and That justifies is of the inseparable relationship between God & Man. And this the point where all becomes one and one becomes all. In simple words, to know the actuality or root of anything then intellect will not work for that because we need innate power & machinery to know them. We are born with some attributes and it has been said that God has instilled each of his attributes in His creation.

In the end, man must give more time to himself/herself by distancing from their movements of the body and from their boggling thought process then the doors of the possibility of the meeting will open between him/her and God. Then mysteries of life, the joy of life, everlasting peace, peace of mind, unending desires, cleansing of heart, purification of the soul, true happiness, exposition of truth, the occurrence of reality will be possible to see otherwise clock of life will move as usual and expire the strength of the body in the shape of death one day.

The writer is an English faculty member at Quaid E Azam Law College Nawabshah & MS Scholar at English Language Development Centre (ELDC), Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.