Lows and Highs of My Life

There are times when you feel really low. It may last from few minutes to days and sometimes weeks as well. You feel like your energy is drained and all you can do is nothing. You find no motivation for any work and there is nothing that can cheer you up. One literally doesn’t feel like investing emotions in any relation. It doesn’t mean that you don’t like those people anymore or you are not loving them but its just that you don’t want to put any extra effort in one of those days. There is nothing bad in it till the time your loved ones misunderstand it.

How bad is would be that the people really close to you know that you are on your low days and they don’t understand it? Well it really ruins everything. Like just imagine you are really messed up due to a lot of pressures and thoughts messing up your brain, the people who love you know that but still they don’t help you in coping up with that situation. Feels like a disaster, right?

Well it happens and somehow you get to the point that you really loose interest in mending the broken strings, for the time being.

You are leaving your favorite people, your hometown, your room which is actually the only place you want to spend your time, your friends and actually everything that is part of your routine life. You are strangled in the thoughts of a new city, totally new environment, financial burdens that you and your family would be facing due to this migration, the thoughts of loneliness in a city big enough where your entire existence can be easily ignored and what not.

Dear one those are the days when you are in utmost need of your loved ones. You need to be pampered and loved. In that 100 percent ratio you are on the days of giving mere 20 percent and the other person has to give 80 percent, the way once or twice or more than that you have done in the days when they were low. Don’t think that if I am on my low days I don’t love my close ones or they are not important. Its just that once I get out of this i’ll be back on my 80 percent but till then try not to judge or misunderstand because these low days should not result in ending up everything.

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