Condition of a Man in 21st Century

Undoubtedly, man is born superior and has the great place before the eyes of God. Unfortunately, today, man has forgot that superior designation and has completely lost in the business of world life. As Rossouw says, “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in the chain of slavery”. It is not the slavery, which is imposed on man by others, rather it is the slavery accepted by man himself just because of disregarding his/her role in the universe.

21st century is the age of digitalization where everything is done, acted, shown, performed, presented, and offered with the help of media. This thing has fueled more complexity for man to restore or regain his/her prior position. As French philosopher Jean Baudrillard outlines the concept in his theory of hyperreality and describes, “We live in a world dominated by simulated experiences and feelings and has lost the capacity to comprehend reality as it exists in true sense. We experience only prepared realities, edited war recording, meaningless acts of terrorism, and the destruction of cultural values and the substitution of referendum”.

The very first thing that catches my attention to choose this topic for writing is this that when I search in my surrounding some amazing facts about man and those facts are, poor people suffer poverty, rich people suffer their wealth, adults involve in some bad activities, children suffer condition of their environment and so on. I did not find anybody relax, safe, sound, happy, satisfied, with what they have currently in their pockets and in their life. This situation compels me to recall the words of Siren Kierkegaard, “When man loses his/her balloon; he/she begins to search that. But when he/she loses himself/herself, they never bother to go for searching”. The point here is, I look everybody in some sort of unconditional trouble in which interestingly man is unknown.

Now what to do in this state of uncertainty? To me, man must think of his/her creation, creator, soul, and body by keeping a physical world aside for time being. Especially focus on soul which is most important part of human nature. However, centuries have been passed nobody exactly defines the place of soul and its function, if this is the case then still we cannot deny the existence of soul because it is not necessary that everything must have physical shape, rather there are so many things in the universe which are mysterious and shapeless or we are unable to see them. Yet these things vibrate within us. As Emerson says, “Soul that it has power to hear and absorb everything and then presents the result either the deed is objectionable or worth doing. Another thing which is important our sentiment because sentiment has great concerned than anything else in human nature. One who nourishes and controls his or her sentiments correctly then it becomes easy job for that person to avail and face any situation in life.

Man is complete and perfect in himself because a single man can be an age, a century, a book, a tradition, a culture like great writers Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Milton and list goes on. Because what they thought, they never cared about other’s opinion and were complete in their every sphere of life. Today, these genius have taken the broader and wider place in heart of thousands of millions of people. The big thing they did was absolute belongingness with their soul and sentiment. What today’s man do, either they imitate someone or envy others and during that course, man disconnects from himself/herself. Envy is ignorance; imitation is suicide; man must take himself/herself for better, for worse, as his/her portion.

Moreover, man must be there in his or her every action no matter what the situation is set or before him/her. They never give away his/her own taste and choice because there is an absolute power resides in them which will ever never let them fall unless they decides to separate or distance from themselves. Whatever decision is taken must be self-motivated, self-centered in sense which pursue positive law and order. Trust thyself is the first condition for getting things in hand because every heart vibrates before its death, before death of tongue and body etc. There is big debate between society and individual now who conquers who is only time will decide but people who stand tall in every circumstance will always refuse to give up, but they fight for their liberty and self-freedom.

Solitude, which is quite interesting and enduring activity but once person comes in the world lose the taste of it and those voices become inaudible and faint. Society everywhere is busy in conspiring against its own members because it has been got the shape of company which has bound each member in its shawls. Whose would be a man of courage would be a nonconformist and would not take anything for granted. Nothing is secret and holy, but it is the integrity of your mind, soul and body. No law is applicable and applaudable but that of an individual’s nature. The only right what mind constitutes and the only wrong which is against my nature. It is solely mind that decides and differentiates between right and wrong, good and bad, useful and useless, respectable and not respectful etc. An individual carries and beholds whole universe within. Nobody can claim or guarantee about anyone else future or intention what next man is thinking because each individual is born very different from others and possess utmost and acute qualities of perfection, but problem takes birth when man forgets his/her own birth and follows fixed codes and man-made laws which are less predictable and less productive.

In the end, I do not expiate but to live. My life is for myself not for spectacles. I do not need somebody’s introduction about my life or testify my existence and verify my identification. I am known by myself. Majority of people believe that average people lose their identification but greatest people being in crowd never lose their own sight and personal touch. One who follows others and run after others or wait others to decide his/her fortune is not person to be trusted or believed. Stay foolish, stay hungry, stay nonconformist, stay child, these elements will fuel person’s intuition to go in better way. Another affliction is consistency and having assurance about anything like theory, philosophy, idea or quotation of any other person, so study everyone but do your own as “Aristotle says, “It is mark of great mind to entertain the thought without accepting it”.

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