Male Chavainism and rights of women in Pakistan

Being a feminist I think a serious inquiry must be held to fix the guilty so that our society may change its behaviour about females. She is considered responsible for all evils. If a  girl or a women  is kidnapped, abducted, divorced, killed or raped, always she is considered guilty. Why? I am not supporting Tayaba Gill, I am concerned about the nature of the issue.

Ayesha Gulalai ‘s case  was also suppressed and now again male chauvinism is prevailing. We must raise voice against such incidents. I do understand that situation is very serious and demands serious probe into the matter. The Chairman of NAB is a constitutional office, if the office bearer is innocent then he must be released from mental agony, if the lady is not guilty or guilty, it ought to be determined.

Morally chairman NAB should resign and he himself demand inquiry, present him for accountability as he has been custodian of law and constitution.

I staunchly believe if the allegations of Gulalai were taken seriously, a serious investigation was held then, no one would dare to repeat such heinous allegation again.

The Pakistani social fabric is being destroyed deliberately, our young generation is suffering. Our social, cultural and moral values have been threatened badly. We need to review our attitudes and behaviours about females and males relationships, if we want to safe future of our youth.

Electronic and social media is not following and code of ethics regarding such issues. I wonder when I read the posts of senior political workers of all parties. The content of their posts is really substandard and below the standard of humanistic morals. Their post reflects that perhaps political parties have no intellectuals and think tanks.

The state must take it seriously to save the children. Pakistan desperately requires to include a subject from grade one to twelve to teach our young brains about use of social media, national culture and social values. It will help to control the moral decline of the society.

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