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You Cannot Win by Denigrating Women


Out of nowhere, a local YouTuber gets up and tries to spoil the image of the country’s best actresses. To make matters worse, PTI fans on social media, who were full of resentment against the previous establishment at the time, started creating and sharing memes against those women. Even though men were also included in the so-called allegations, extreme infamy fell only to women. Why? The answer is their gender.

The rate of sexual crimes against women in Pakistan is no longer a secret. According to some leading news agencies in Pakistan, one woman is raped every two hours, and 14000 women have been raped in the last 4 years.

In addition, according to a report published by Arab News, 2,960 cases of child abuse were reported in the media in 2020, of which 51 percent were girls, and 49 percent were boys. Although this act of sexual abuse of children was not done by women, still, if women complain about the increasing sexual brutality of men, the character of women is always questioned. Why? The answer lies again in the women’s gender.

These days we are witnessing the updates of the sexual harassment case of two celebrities in the country. The case is years old, and the court has not yet given a verdict as the proceedings are still ongoing. The allegations leveled by the woman may be false, but how people are trying to prove the male to be true at any cost and the media is defaming the woman by manipulating the facts again raises questions. Yes, the answer is once again “her gender.”

Unfortunately, some so-called liberals, including a large number of women, are bashing the lady for playing the woman card, which is definitely the wrong attitude until this case is over and the court verdict is out.

The truth is that sexual harassment cases are not easy to prove. No one should be anti-male or support someone who defames the innocent regardless of gender. But the anti-female bias and inclination towards male superiority of our society is something we can easily witness always in our surroundings.

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