The 2019 Indian General elections are approaching and the question “Who would be the next Prime Minister of India” has gained traction in media.

Will Narendra Modi retain power in 2019 LS Elections? Let’s discuss what stars foretell for Narendra Modi in months to come.

Although the chart of celebrities and politicians are seldom authentic, there is no controversy over the correct birth date of Indian PM but there has been a controversy among the astrologers over the birth ascendant of Narendra Modi .There are a number of birth times in circulation. Some astrologers take Libra ascendant and some take Scorpio ascendant. In my view, the birth chart with Scorpio ascendant suits Modi ,not Libra ascendant.

Now let’s see and analyse the birth chart of Narendra Modi

Date of Birth: 17 September 1950
Time of Birth: 11:00:00 am
Place of Birth: Vadnagar, Gujarat, India


In Vedic Astrology, the two most important factors which determine someone’s personality are Ascendant and Moon sign. For Narendra Modi, both (the Ascendant and Moon) are Scorpio.

When Scorpio is a person’s Ascendant/1st House, the person is very secretive and has very intense and deep feelings. He gives very little away as to what he is really thinking and feeling. Others cannot be sure of what his true intentions are.

Some of the salient points and astrological combinations in Narendra Modi’s horoscope which made him rise from a tea seller to PM are as follows:

1-     Owner of the Ascendant, Mars, which represents power, energy, courage, fighting ability etc, is in its own house in the Ascendant which is a very powerful astrological combination to uplift a person from rags to riches, from absolute obscurity to heights of fame. A Scorpio Mars in the 1st house gives him a secretive personality. He never reveals his real plans until the right time.

2-     Moon, Owner of the 9th house of luck  is in the Ascendant and is debilitated in Scorpio  but attains Neechabhanga Raja Yoga which again confirms his rise to become an emperor.


3-     Jupiter ,the owner of 2nd  house of speech and voice and the owner of 5th house of skills  and politics is in his 4th house of popularity and masses . Not only aspecting his 10th house but is also forming an excellent Gaj kesari Raj Yoga .Such a planetary combination makes him  popular with masses.


4-     10th house has Leo sign and its owner is placed in 11th house which is the promise of royal position or dealing with royalty. Saturn and Venus are posited there in 10th house.

Saturn is his AK and Venus is his AMK making this a very powerful combination for power, authority, name and fame.


5-     Saturn, the owner of 4th house, the house that rules masses and popularity, posited in the 10th house of profession, fame, recognition is highly auspicious but with that recognition comes only after sheer hard work and burden of responsibility. It also gives reputation for being overly serious, responsible and workaholic, a sheer professional who knows how to do hard job. But as Saturn bring delays so professional success came late in his life.



It is assumed that the Indian general elections 2019 would be held around April/May 2019.

Jupiter would be travelling through his 1st House. From there it would cast an aspect on 5th house of Politics and 9th house of luck. Between 30 march 2019 – 22 April 2019, it will move into his 2nd house and would cast an aspect on 6th house of enemies and 10th house of career.

Sun, the planet of Government and leadership will move through 5th house of Politics from mid March 2019 to mid April 2019 and then through 6th house of enemies from mid April to Mid may 2019 which is also favorable for him during election times and support him to suppress his political rivals.

During April-May 2019, he will be running through a favorable period of Moon/Venus. It is highly likely that Narendra Modi will be reigning again as per the significations of his horoscope.



Congress party can do well in coming general election of India 2019 but it will not be able to form a government at the centre. It is also highly likely that BJP will lose seats and not get full majority at the centre but may gain by some alliance ,it so seems and Narendra Modi ‘s  horoscope and  the planetary situation at the time of the general elections indicates that he can become the prime minister again in 2019.

There will be a great revival of Congress party after July 2020 when Jupiter/Moon period will come into operation. That will be the time when Congress can make Narendra Modi unpopular and when Saturn will enter into Aquarius and Rahu into Aries after mid of year 2022, it can bring some change in the central government of India.


PS.    No one knows the unseen except Allah.

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