Helpless Students of Bolan Medical Quetta

In 1969 a theory is modified which was presented in 1941 called “frustration- aggression displacement theory”. This theory says that “ aggression is the result of blocking or frustrating, a persons efforts to attain a goal”

Assault… violence…. suicidal attempts… these all are ways to show aggression which is due to frustration. Students are being tortured continuously by hands of their teacher, they want to learn, they want to achieve their goal , but just to satisfy their ego teachers are in race to failing the students and on behalf of their personal issues giving annual (failure) to students. More then 20 students got annual, more then 20 years are wasted, more then 7300 days and above 175,200 hours are spoiled just because of “ Ego”. If this will continue like this , this aggression might get another way…

“Low percentage of attendance” is the reason declared for failing the students. Is it the right way Mr x chairman of PMDC? But we have seen something different, three years back students were told to attend extra classes By professor Sadat Khan as they have low attendance percentages. He wasn’t the chairman of PMDC but he was doing the right thing on right time, if attendance percentage was low,students must be told beforehand.

They paid the exam fees two times, they prepared for their exams for more then 6 months, they revised the books not less then 10 times and after giving a first class paper and viva in supplementary now you remember that they have low attendance percentage and have to destroy their one whole year? And how’s this possible that all these students are able to clear the other subjects except of “ Pharmacology”? It only shows this department is incompetent and unable to teach this subject .

And now instead of solving the issues further students are threatened to vacate the hostel by principal. Nobody dares to ask about these creepy games played with the future of students, nobody wants to spend only one hour to solve these issue, all these ministers are available here when they are begging for vote but on this trying time nobody is here.

BMC is day by losing its standard, and for this the government is responsible for not taking any action. The ministers are responsible because they don’t listen to us, the principal is responsible because he didn’t respond to our pleas, teacher are responsible because they don’t judge the students by their ability, and we students are responsible because we are silent.


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