Democracy is a Mirage

Democracy is a mirage. The whole world, especially in the current context of Pakistan’s current situation, needs to explain why the democratic system has been criticized around the world for so many years and in the name of democracy. Why is there so much oppression? One view is that the biggest reason for the failure of this system is the lack of decision-making according to the wishes of the people which has resulted in political, economic and social instability among the people. Stability is created.
In any democratic state, contrary to the public interest, unnecessary changes in local and international policies (which have nothing to do with the interests of democracy) lead to human misery. However, this cruel term, called democracy, originated in Athens, Greece, in the fifth century AD, meaning only the rule of the people (which is a mirage). History bears witness to the fact that the decline of the democratic system always began in the consultations when the political institutions in the state began to weaken and the tremors of the democratic system began to hang. And it is not possible to transfer power peacefully.
The holding of fair and transparent elections has always been considered dubious. And in democratic times, political rights and public liberties have been exploited. A living example of this is the world’s largest and cleanest democracy-conscious states, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, which have distanced themselves from the global democratic struggle and human liberation movements such as Kashmir.
In the last decade, the democratic system itself has not attacked the rights of minorities, free elections, freedom of the press, rule of law and brutality. On the contrary, in almost 113 countries, the democratic system is in a state of disarray. And our beloved country Pakistan is also one of these states. Human rights and political freedom have also been violated in the United States, the champion of democracy. And under the guise of democracy, the democracy of countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and its descendants were destroyed. Why a democratic system of government is a mirage for collective human well-being and success. And in fact, all over the world, this system has failed. You will see the reasons for this in the next instalment of the article.

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