We are all Interpretive!

There are occasions in our lives when we often fabricate self-made interpretations for our own comfort so that we can calm ourselves down and not even feel guilty. There are times in life when we do not strive for a specific task or purpose for which we intend, but in order to reassure our heart we make up our own interpretations that we are not to blame but the circumstances. There were some things that it was not possible to try that I was not to blame, but maybe it was not my destiny that did not work.
Man is prone to error and human beings do many kinds of wrong things in their life. Every human being does wrong deeds in his life but if he gets an interpretation of this wrong deed then that deed becomes an essential part of his life.
Like if they take a bribe once and find an interpretation of it that if I don’t take it then it will be a problem for me to walk with this system and also create employment problems, it is part of the system and bribe to stay in the system. I have to take it. Many such interpretations can be fabricated to reassure me or those close to me that I am not wrong but compelled. In these interpretations, my failures are also hidden and so are my wrong deeds.
In the same way, if we get into the habit of asking, these habits do not end, but we get the interpretation. Rather, there is an acquaintance who asks for excuses and often it happens that he has quietly borrowed or taken a good amount of money from the same family or family members but members of the same family. He himself does not know that a servant has earned the most money. Because the beggar tells everyone that I can only say this to you and not to anyone, let no one but you know this because it is a question of my self-esteem.
Thus different interpretations are given in different matters. As I don’t want to do this job because the office is far away, the timing of this office is very bad because of which I will go home late. Now the situation in the city is bad anyway so I can’t do this job. No, I will do my level job, otherwise, I will be impressed.
I get tired of coming from the office so I don’t have the courage to do this work, I try to hurry. I did not demand anything from my in-laws. They gave me this car as a dowry for the happiness of their daughter. There are many similar interpretations that are common in this society that we use on many occasions.
Interpretation is like an addiction and once it is invented then it is used again and again. Interpretation is, in fact, the best weapon to convince oneself of a failed attempt or wrongdoing.
Tawil is the name given to the repetition of repeated mistakes in good words. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. It is also a fact that most of our failures are due to ourselves and the biggest reason for these failures is the satisfactory interpretation given to us which stops you from taking the step even before you try.


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