Why Do You Laugh Helplessly At the Helpless People?

Every person has a different way of thinking. The same thing can be a source of happiness for some and a source of pain for others. Sometimes people’s thinking is consistent. A small thing, event or a story can change someone’s life.

Life is a collection of stories. Sometimes you look for stories and sometimes they find you. Suddenly they came and stands in front of you.  It’s up to you to cry or laugh or think about it. It is unknown at this time what you will do after leaving the post.

What may be lacking in some kind of feeling is quite possible for one of us to hear our own story. It seems to me that the bulls clinging to the wall reassure me of their loyalty until they die.

There is a knock on the door for a new story. The closed window looks anxious to breathe in the open air. On the way, dry leaves are heard squeaking and muttering. The densely shaded tree teaches the art of withstanding the scorching sun.  The sadness of an empty chair lying in the house for years says something. The crawling bicycle speaks of poverty.

On cold nights, small bare feet on the side of the road are imprinted on the heart.  Two sweet words spoken with love grab the end of the secrets of the heart and go away. In the closed box, some rotten clothes, paper on a torn file and some colourless pictures reveal the key to old memories.  Sometimes the inanimate image speaks volumes.  The green leaves of the swaying trees whisper in my ears. In the dilapidated house, the old mother and the setting sun seem to echo the same story.

Dust lying on the books looks forward to her readers. A lone man walking in the garden in the evening steps towards the solution of his confusion. The man standing in front of the mirror looks confused. Behind the smiling faces, one of the deep scars is clearly visible. People have different reactions to people’s lives. There is a short story to explain.

This is the story of the child whose laughter made me cry. (I am giving him the pseudonym Fahad) belonged to a family where prostration of thanks on a one-time bread would have been considered obligatory. In such a situation, the giant of Corona starts swallowing people. People start being locked in their homes. All schools are deserted. The wind blows where people used to move. It is known all over the city. He is sitting outside a school, lost in thought.

In such situation, there is a representative of people who have nothing to do with the child’s feelings and emotions. A video of him is made. When the question-and-answer session begins, he strongly opposes the closure of the school. He seems worried about the children’s future. He requests to open the school as soon as possible. Trying unsuccessfully to communicate like an educated child. It does not even form the correct structure of the sentences. Laughter is heard again and again in the video when the English word is not spoken correctly.

When asked which class you study in, he said that he does not study.  Then he is asked why he is worried about the closure of the school. In response, he said he used to put small samosas outside the school.  Hearing this, the sound of laughter echoes and echoes again and again.

Let us come to the real issue on which our indifference is on the rise. There are some questions as to whether this child should have put small samosas outside the school or should have studied in the classroom like other children? Let’s assume that his financial situation will not allow him to get an education. In our country, children of this age usually spend out of pocket money from their parents. This child will be looking for his livelihood by selling small samosas outside a school and taking the money home. How much money do you think you he will earn per day? That’s about five hundred rupees. This will only be possible if he manages to sell 100 small samosas. What do you think he will be forced to do to make a living on a weekly holiday and an annual holiday?

Just think who will be waiting for this amount of money to come every day. You also know that in such families there is a line of children. Sickness is the way home. It’s not time to pick up clothes. If the descent of others is also lucky, then it is considered as one’s own good fortune.

People make fun of this child. Even though he is illiterate, he tries to explain his point as if he is literate. Maybe he thought it would make it easier for people to understand him. If he stands for other children future, one will also think about his future. If he talks about the development and decline of the country, then he will be able to achieve his desired goal by becoming the centre of attention of those sitting in high positions. But nothing like that happened. He was ridiculed. And that’s it.

Granted, you and I have different angles of thought, but I beg you so much that when we can’t cure people’s suffering, we should refrain from laughing at their compulsions. Once in a while, if you seriously ask this child, why do you keep in mind the desire to open this school immediately when you are not even in this school? It is possible that he just cried instead of saying anything to your question.

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