Sexual Violence; An Easy Case?

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”(Arthur Conan Doyle)

In our mundane life, we encounter many problems and ponder over their solutions. We eventually reach a solution and then implement it. We seek the intended result and consider we have sorted out the solution. The same problem is dealt with differently by a different person. He concludes with a different solution but is effective enough to counter the problem. Both of them have achieved what they wanted. But both do not agree on the same solution. They believe they are right in their positions, and they are. They apply the same solution every time and ‘develop a mindset’ that a problem can be solved only in this way.

This ‘developed mindset’ is a real problem in solving social problems. People develop a theory to counter problems. This may be based on their past experiences, their upbringing, the content they consult, or any other thing. So, whenever, they encounter new facts they try to mold these facts into their theory to prove its effectiveness. They try to show how they are true, how their theory can solve this problem. They soothe their feelings that they were right in believing in their solutions. There develops no consensus over the solution, though everyone has a solution in his pocket, and decision-making becomes a dilemma.

In societies that lack proper research, an above-stated situation is pertinent there and a quintessential one. If more people agree on one solution -of course, based on their upbringing, experiences, etc.- that solution will get populace support. This populace support then results in legislation. This legislation will sometimes be effective and sometimes not. As we know, some problems are too intricate to be solved on populace opinion. As a result, other groups will take this failure as a fact to be used in favor of their theory. Now they will start promoting their solutions and molding facts that suit their theory. This ridiculous game continues and the problem remains unsolved.

It was not a fable but a fact. It can be confirmed in case of increasing sexual violence in our country. We have different mindsets that provide the same kind of solutions for every problem. They have made theories and all they have to do is to damp facts into it. According to them either it is Religion that is a solution to all problems or it is American research that has the final say. During all this, they ignore only one thing and that is their society. They do not consider the underlying factors in their society which constituted a social problem in the first place.

If there is a problem in a society, then surely the solution also lies in that society in the form of factors that cause that problem. For this, one needs research. He needs facts to support his research. In our country, I do not see any research on this particular matter. All I see is developed mindsets posing ineffective solutions.

Take the case of increasing sexual violence in our country. All we have is the number that how many have been abused, how many have been raped, how many have been murdered after rape, what were the ages, etcetera. These numbers serve no one’s purpose. Even these numbers are not accurate as many cases go unreported. We just pick up the most brutal and shocking cases and make the case out of it. As if only this specific case can provide us all the necessary solutions.

We ignore thousands of incidents and just pick one out of them to make others realize that our theory is right. What we need is to analyze all other cases, consider conditions of victim and offender, note down underlying factors in every case, which will not be the same of course in every case, and then realize where the actual problem lies in our society. I can write a treatise on how dressing has nothing to do with sexual violence, but I have no data to support it. Maybe it matters in our society, who knows.

And what is most agonizing is, the debates on social media. All the philosophers there consider it most necessary to opine, including myself. The debate and debate and debate without analyzing the dynamics of society. Some give one sweeping statement to counter the solution, while others add one more fact in their mind-blowing theory. The most disturbing ones are the ones who give arguments. Yes, they are, because in our society argument means the use of analogy. You will see every argument somehow entangled in analogy and explaining the wisdom it supposes it contains. An analogy is good to convey your thoughts but it is detrimental to one thing the most, and that is the argument itself.

If we consider analogical reasoning as is presented here, then believe me Mr. Winston Churchill (a Prime Minister of England) was a Butt by caste. I have an ‘argument’ to support my assertion. Since all Butt have white complexion, and Mr. Churcill also had the same complexion, hence, he was a butt. An analogy has proved it and can do many other wonders. Even learned people make the same mistake and use such logical fallacies to support their arguments without considering any principles while analogical deduction.

We are all burdened to perform a duty. It is very good that we share our feelings. But we should share the solutions too. Otherwise, all of our cries at such incidents mean nothing. We have no solution and no clarity. Though every one of us cannot research due to wanting of facilities and support, he can observe. He can notice minute factors that play their roles. He can analyze both sides, both solutions. When we, as a nation, will point out the problem, then we will easily eradicate it out. All we do not have is consensus.

I too have many solutions in my mind, in which media, law, and order implementer institutions, and many others have to play their role. But first, we should not be prejudice against a solution. We should fairly analyze the problem itself. Why do we not commit such acts? How we reached this solution and how can we make reach others at this solution? By affecting the mindset of our society we will surely get some decent output. Legislation and implementation is surely a different aspect and needs different angles to be viewed. For the time being, to save our women we can do the needful at least. We can analyze the problem honestly. Come may what, even if it’s religion or our culture, we should not spare them at the cost of the dignity of women.


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