Since I was a child, I used to hear that Palestinians are brutally attacked by the Israeli forces, and their women, elders, and children are cruelly abused and tortured. It was a time when I didn’t even know where Palestine is on the map of the world. I would watch random videos of Palestinians confronting Israeli forces with stones and slingshots.

Now, everything I remember from my childhood is completely changed. The world politics, the scientific innovations, the day-to-day technology, living styles, almost everything is changed except one thing and that one thing is the savage behavior of Israel towards Palestine and the ever-increasing miseries of Palestinians.

You can search Palestine’s map on the Internet that how in the previous decades, it is drastically shrunk. Israel is occupying more and more of it every single year. But what can the slingshots of Palestinians do against the modern weapons of Israel? These Palestinians confront the well-armed forces just to get wounded, bruised, or killed. Where does the meaning of all this lie then?
The meanings lie in the resistance, the persistence, and the never-ending refusal of Palestinians to accept the illegitimate Israeli claim.

What do Palestinians demand from the World?
They demand peaceful solidarity for their cause, peaceful support for their cause, and peaceful advocacy for their cause on international forums. We all know that United Nations and Human Rights Organizations are constantly ignoring the issue of Palestine, as if Palestinians are not humans, and have no human rights. But they can’t just sleep and ignore them if some of the countries out there show some support and solidarity with them. Their cause is constantly suppressed and trivialized by Israel and its allies. What they need is to globalize their issue and cause again.

This is no time of international wars. No country can directly intervene and start armed support of Palestine. Palestinians themselves demand solidarity, support, and advocacy. And this seems more difficult than armed support because no country wants to harm and damage its national interests. So good luck Palestine, in this materialist world, where no one will stand for you because they might lose something if they stand.


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