Drama Review: Chupke Chupke

Almost all of us watch TV plays and movies for entertainment. For entertainment, comedy-plays serve the purpose to the fullest and calm our nerves. These are very testing days when life is at a halt due to Covid. Amid lockdowns and Ramzan HUM TV presents a comedy show “Chupke Chupke”. The said show has broken the records and people enjoy watching this drama very much.

What makes this drama special? Anyone watching this can relate its characters and dialogues to their life. The story revolves around two families living side by side. “Nawab Sb”, the head of the family, who is no more alive, had married twice. His both wives live in neighboring homes along with their children and grandchildren.

Every character is entertaining in its way. Both wives of Nawab Sb keep teasing each other that adds spice to the drama. The next generation has nothing to do with the jealousy of their grandmothers and is connected to each other by heart.

How the three sisters are conscious and cautious about finding a suitable match for their only brother, Fazi, is both interesting and relatable.
From the unexpected and sudden marriage of Meenu and Fazi, the lead roles, to the love of Hadi for his sister Meenu and the tussle between the brothers in law to the emotional reactions of Amma and Bay Bay, everything is a fun to watch.

The entry of the elder brother of late Nawab Sb is a twist. Almost in every desi family, there is an elder whose words are considered final and usually, he settles the family issues, as we can watch in the play.

All the characters played well. In short a light comedy that is very much successful to put smiles and laughter on the faces of its audience.

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