FORREST GUMP – A Film Review

Forrest Gump is a American Film released in 1994,starring Tom Hanks as Forrest, Robin Wright as Jenny Curan and Gary Sinise as Dan Taylor. The film revolves around the life of Forrest, a man with a sub normal IQ and his journey through life as he experiences life and it’s adventures.

Forrest Gump, in my humble opinion, is a perfect movie. It has the perfect blend of charm, comedy, emotion, adventure and bitter sweet moments. The Plot is Beautifully constructed and the pacing never slows down. The structure and presentation are also done greatly. The Acting is Flawless, From Dan Taylor’s Strictness to Forrest Gump’s Stupidity, the Actors give it their all and you can clearly see the effort put into this film.

The Film has such a genuine feel to it, you can tell that the people behind this weren’t making this for a simple cash grab, they wanted to convey a message to the audience and they accomplished it. The film also doesn’t sugar coat life’s brutality as the Vietnam sequences show. The war scenes are brutal as the audience stands witness to scenes filled with severed limbs and pools of blood.

The Camerawork and direction is also exceptional. The Message is also one that people can learn from ,”No Matter How Disabled You Are, Spread Love In The World’. Another theme of the movie is his relationships. His relationship with his mother isn’t good because he spent all his time in the army and as soon as he came back she passed away. His relationship with Jenny isn’t a healthy one either, she constantly runs from him and doesn’t write back to him.

His Friendship with Bubba was one of promise but Bubba dies in the vietnam war. Seeing this film is like witnessing someone’s entire life in 2 Hour and 22 minutes. From Wearing “Leg Braces” in his early years to Fighting in the Vietnam War in his 20’s to, finally, becoming a world reknown Table Tennis Player in his 40’s. All in all, Forrest Gump is a classic that still holds up after 24 years of it’s release. If you haven’t seen it,what are you waiting for?

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