Let Me Fly

A dream is not something that is watched with our eyes closed, it is a goal that we see with our eyes opened. Everyone has dreams to become successful in their career. Most people make goals in their life and work hard to achieve them. But in Pakistan, these kinds of goals like career and success are often part of men’s dreams. In our society people only want men to think about and be successful in their careers. What about women’s dreams? Do women dream about having a career and success in it or are they only allowed to dream about a prince who will come on a white horse one day and take her to a royal palace?

Career is pivotal in one’s life. It affects one’s lifestyle and behavior. Overall it impacts our life greatly. When a man thinks about his career nobody stops him to work for achieving his goals. But when it comes to a woman dreaming about working to achieve success in her career, her family, relatives, friends everybody pressurizes her to stop thinking about her career and start enhancing her cooking skills. In Pakistan where the literacy rate of females is 48%, out of which only a certain number of women succeed in reaching the university level in pursuit of their career. Even though after graduation they don’t get a permit to further continue working for their success. They get a degree and end up being a housewife as a profession. As their family and other people force them to get married.

“30 and still unmarried?” Women’s dreams are killed in order to do marriage earlier because of aging. Why is this necessary for women to get married before the age of 30? They do have career goals too which can be their first priority. However, this doesn’t refer to not doing marriage at all. Getting married should be one’s choice when a woman wants to do it, not because of how our society has stereotyped it. Women should get married for adding more happiness to their life. The reason a woman marry shouldn’t be age, society, and so on. These things are killing the dreams of every woman who can achieve something and make everyone proud. It isn’t just about marriage, as a woman can pursue her dream even after marriage although this society would never let her succeed.

Since childhood, parents always train their daughters to become a housewife. They don’t let their daughters brainstorm about their career ambition. Women are humans they have a universe within them. Educate them to pursue their career so that they cannot depend on anyone. Let them be financially independent not just before marriage but also after marriage. They aren’t merely made for making a round tortilla. They are far beyond doing these household chores which a man can also do. What would happen if we encourage all women to be a little more ambitious about their careers? I think the world would change. Dreams aren’t made only for men. Let women dream about having a career rather than dreaming about prince charming.

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