Yesterday, while scrolling down the social media, a post unexpectedly diverted my attention towards itself. It stated that our education system lacks two things

  1. Education
  2. System

This simple but critical note showed the darkest side of the most fundamental element of social survival in our country. Seeking knowledge is a basic duty of every Muslim can still not been implemented as the most important religious act in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN. Going through the leaves of history, a document suddenly peeps out named as the election manifesto of PTI.

According to it, a uniform education system across the whole beloved motherland would be the most prime, supreme, and foremost step by the elected government. But still, my eyes are looking forward to some momentous steps that must have been taken by now. We lack education; the remote areas of all the provinces are still deprived of primary schools. Millions of children do not know how to read and write. Child labour has increased exponentially during the last three years.

Secondly, we lack a system. Creating a system demands great efficiencies, precise calculations and accurate values. The present government wanted to introduce nationalized syllabus and centralized examination. For this, it hastily resolved committees and out of nowhere formed the new ones. The new committees perfectly exhibit a scenario where fishes climb trees, a lawyer deals with issues of medical progress and a journalist indulges in civil engineering.

Remember, we require BOTH EDUCATION AND SYSTEM. The regarding steps should be taken from bottom to top, not from top to bottom. We need not only committees but also deliverance. A kind suggestion to the federal government is that don’t give loaded weapons in hands of insane, the consequences can be worst. If we do not pay heed to this sparking live wire of our national castle, we will put it on fire by our own hands. Desperate situations are demanding desperate decisions. If the base of the education system is not strengthened at this time, then our social, moral and financial infrastructure will fall under the burden of apathy, unemployment and psychological deterioration.



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