Education syndrome

Today the situation of a graduate student is synonymous with a perturbed young man wandering in search of a job. The government’s main manifesto was the provision of quality education and jobs to the youth. But the promises are still unmet. A hefty of problems have crept into the education system which is to be dealt with.

A myriad of impediments is on the way to accomplish desired goals. First of all, our education has been unable to cope with the challenges of the twenty-first century. Many scholars have argued there is a dire need to challenge the prevailing issues with a comprehensive approach. The most important of them is to inculcate four C’s – creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and confidence in the ongoing time. The educational institutions’ aim should be the provision of all required skills that can help students in achieving their goals.

Most of our institutions are still working on the same old models. There is zero contribution when it comes to career counseling. Students in school, colleges, and even universities are not informed about the market demands. On these grounds majority of students opt for the subjects for which they have no taste. But in the end, as they have been unable to adjust themselves accordingly, they have to face the music. Hence their energies and time are wasted.

A major part of the anti-learning and pro-cramming trend stems from private institutions. These institutions wangle as much money from children as possible. Their focus is always beamed at the student’s ability to mug up the text and reproduce it in the paper. They have nothing to do with the concept of the underlying text. That’s why; students remain incompetent even after securing so-called high marks in their academic year. Parents, as a result, become disappointed as they have invested all the energies of their life in the form of money and attention on their offspring.

The problem is not only confined here but also nestles many other problems. When a young boy or girl finds her/his elder siblings struggling with unemployed, distress, and disappointment, it further desists its sibling’s way of education. After having spent a huge amount of money on children’s education, with no bright future for them, parents feel disgusted with education. Sorrowfully, they have to engage their children in labor before time.

The situation worsens when the government pays undue attention to other departments like defense, while zero preference is paid to the educational sector. Even the government seems so oblivious of the needs of students that its policies appear swimming against the tide.

In the aforementioned scenario, degrees are mere heaps of garbage better to thrown off. A more holistic approach is needed to be introduced on behalf of both the government and teachers to let the students out of the pit of ignorance. Factual reforms should be brought into focus with their full-fledged implementation. Without education, a country cannot make room amongst the developed countries.

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