The Monster and the Brave Girl

Our valley was no longer the valley of humans, rather the kingdom of a brutal monster and a roaring volcano. It is surrounded by a river from one side, and huge mountains from the other. We used to listen ghost-quiet, to crackling, and burbling voices from every side of the valley. No one got across about how life came about here. Fifteen years ago, this valley had a population of almost twenty thousand people, filled with joy and hope for living. It had a bunch of soft colored flowers with a pleasant smell that always attracted us to their beauty. But now they had begun to give off a strange smell and there was much disturbance felt in the blowing of the once gentle and pleasant breeze. The walls of the valley were no longer standing. The roofs were out of use.

However, life continued and it was smoothly running, when suddenly, one day a very dangerous monster attacked the valley. The people dispersed, and become anxious about their lives. So many were killed by the monster and the rest were crying for protection. The monster went back after sucking hundreds of drops of blood. From that day on, the valley was let down and the monster kept on attacking every single week. No one dared to protect the valley. People were left to their doom. Until a week came where the monster did not come. The people began to talk about how they were finally free of the curse.

However, their joy was short-lived for a giant volcanic rock hit the fields of the villagers. It destroyed the crops and famine hit the place. Many elders and children died due to the scarcity of food. The choice of life was taken away from them. The only choice left was not whether to live or die but rather how to die. They weren’t sure whether they would die by the hands of the brutal monster, or the lava of the volcano, and die of starvation and hunger. Although most of the people were fishermen, they could no longer go to the river.

The people had lost all hope of living. The monster had returned and was mercilessly attacking the valley. Initially, he had fed only on the elderly and the children. But now as the elderly were almost wiped out, it targeted the youngsters. He would capture them, take them away into the mountains, and devour them. The people were tired of being afraid all the time. They were mentally tortured by burning half-eaten dead bodies all the time. Everyone had lost someone and they were ready for revenge. So one day when a young girl, who was captured by the monster managed to flee and return to the village, the villagers saw a ray of light.

She had become the only beacon of light for the valley. But little did they know about the twists of fate. She had come back because she was destined to die another day and to save others’ lives. Her father was the ruler of the valley. He used to rigorously train her and had taught her how to protect the masses from every kind of enemy. Her father was a very strong man. Thousands of monsters would never have had attacked the valley in his presence. But he had died a few months before the monsters had begun to arrive at his valley.

A story was famous about his grandfather that in his time a monster attacked the valley. But he had captured the monster and killed it before the whole valley. The valley had gone through a nightmare but with time the fear faded away and two generations later, the monster had only become a fictional folktale until, of course recently. And now all eyes were on this virgin maiden in who’s vein the blood of the brave run. She was a true leader.

When she talked, there would be pin-drop silence. People listened to her and followed her like a loyal dog. Her every word was soft yet full of courage. She was innocent and cute. Her lips red as roses in full bloom. Her hair was put in braids neat braids. The black dot on her right dimple was like a star with the moon. Her nose was normal. Her blue eyes had a magnetic attraction that held the gaze of her opponent. She was a beautiful girl. Yet her beauty should not be mistaken for weakness. She was a strong and powerful girl. Her hands were like a boxer’s.

She walked with the gait of a military commander with full of courage and braveness. She always wore warrior-like clothes. Her long coat was her passion. Her tough long boots were her determination. Her hobby was to train the young people for the welfare and protection of the valley. Thus after months of training, she finally felt like she had a team of protectors ready. However the next time the monster attacked, most of the members ran away and only five were left standing by her. All of whom were killed by the Monster.

She called a meeting in the central ground after the horrific event. She was angry and disappointed but she remained calm. This time she had decided to take the matter in her own very hands and hunt down the monster herself. She believed in the greatness of her blood and felt like she was the only one who rid the village of the Monster and its evils. She was afraid and she was frustrated. She called the people a bunch of dogs who could never dare to cross a lions path. But since she was the ruler now, it was her duty to protect her land even if she had to die for it. She asked the villagers to not worry about her because she had a perfect plan.

She waited anxiously for the return of the Monster and a week later it came back and hunted down the last remaining elderly of the village. The young ruler wore her ling coat and took her sword. She was eager to kill the monster. There was nothing to stop her now. Unknown to her, a group of young boys followed her. This was something very strange.

Three days passed by and the girl did not return. The villagers got worried. They would often find the dead bodies of their fellow villagers in lands nearby the Monster’s area. So they sent a search party to search for her body, in case the monster had killed her. After searching for a long time, they returned and announced in the valley that they did not find her.

A very big wailing was there in the valley. The people refused to believe that they had lost her. They could not rest till they saw her, dead or alive. The next day they all decided to search for her. Soon they realized that they were looking in the wrong place. Her body was found, not near the Monster’s area but within the boundary of the village itself. She laid down in the mud. Her hands were tied. Her face was covered with a brown scarp. Her dress was torn down and was covered in blood spots. Her body bruised.

She was brought back and buried alongside her ancestors. However, mystery showed her death. The Monsters did not kill like she was killed. The people began to investigate her death and the fact horrified them. When the realization of the facts sank in, they understood that she could never have been killed by the Monster. She had the blood of victors running through her veins. She was rather killed by these boys who were more dangerous than the Monster.

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