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Some people in both China and the US are worried that the trade war the US launched against China since 2018 will soon impact other areas – investment, education, science and technology, judicial matters, the Hong Kong and Xinjiang questions and more. They are concerned that it will eventually evolve into a new cold war between the two major powers.

Niall Ferguson and other well-known American scholars have recently published articles contending that a new cold war has broken out between China and the US. What do Chinese scholars think about this issue?

The research group on China-US people-to-people exchanges at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China recently conducted a telephone questionnaire that surveyed 100 Chinese scholars. Here are the results exclusive in the Global Times: Of all the surveyed Chinese scholars, 62 percent believe that the US is indeed waging a new cold war against China. But more than 90 percent believe that China is capable of coping well with the new cold war offensive by the US.

In the past three years, the attitude of the US toward China has turned sharply downward. Indeed, most Chinese scholars feel frosty relations are already there. According to the survey’s results, 62 percent of Chinese scholars believe that the US is launching a new cold war against China, while only 35 percent disagree. Some scholars believe that the state of affairs between China and the US are more of a “cool war.” Many scholars call on China to abandon its illusions, face reality, and meet these challenges.

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