Trump is right in confronting China

My Pakistani American friends in Houston, who mostly tow democratic party lines are going nuts these days over President Trump’s decision of freezing WHO funding, they think that Trump’s call to break Covid-19 related lock down and restrictions imposed by liberal camp Governors is idiotic.

But United states already has around 775000 Confirmed infections and more then 40 thousand deaths due to Caronavirus till date.

US has lost more then 22 million jobs within a month which is a big dent to its economy and progress.

Despite all loopholes and shortfalls of Trump Administration in dealing with Covid-19, their is still a reason why W.H.O. and China should be confronted.

Their is a solid reason why United States President is asking people to break restrictions & lockdowns by Democratic camp Governors and Mayors.

He want W.H.O. not to be a rubber stamp of China anymore. He definitely want American people to get back to their work.

In United States many of the Republicans strongly believe that China needs to be confronted and isolated from the civilized world.

They think that we are in the current situation, with deaths, miseries, economic devastation in United States because China handled Covid-19 outbreak with its trademark mixture of, coverup, dishonesty and thuggery.

Conservatives think that we cannot expect any good from communist regime of China and its more then 1 billion faithful state subjects living in China and across the globe.

On the other hand Democrats are also right that we cannot put all the blame on China and W.H.O.

United States and European intelligence agencies are also to be blamed for their negligence.

What were they doing when China was deliberately sending thousands of travelers from Wuhan hiding catastrophic nature of the virus.

They say that trump administration should not use China as a scapegoat for a pathetic response at home.

According to them, the onslaught of Chinese Covid-19 on Western world is the biggest intelligence and administrative failure of United States history.

This debate can linger, but right now President Trump seem furious over Democratic camp and China’s alleged love affair.

He thinks that Democratic camp Governors will do anything to make a Republican President and his vision for United States look bad through a prolonged lock down leading to a subsequent failure of US economy through sluggish economic activity.

He thinks that he is already in a miserable position due to some conspiracy by China, WHO and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, that has led to a massive influx of Covid-19 in United States.

He may be wrong but we always have to look at both sides of picture before criticizing him.

No doubt conservatives have thier own type of riddles and shortcomings but Democrats and most of thier supporters live in a fools paradise.

They have a twisted tendency to appease apologists of dogmas, fanaticism, oppression, tyranny and unlimited rule from around the globe in the name of empathy, while leaving no chance of demonizing Republicans over thier American nationalism and conservative ideologies.

I see it as a selective bias and hypocrisy leading to a reactive paranoia.
President Trump and his administration is a manifestation of that reaction.

China has worked hard to remove US and many other European countries off the charts.

In the last 30 years we as society across the globe have wanted to get more stuff for less price and the winner is China. It started slowly and now we are addicted to it.

We want to have everything in large quantities for cheap price. We need to change that and start depending on our small factories and businesses. This will also take a long time to bring it back.

People don’t need to be tied up to a Political party or its stereotypes when their country and people are at stake.

People are tired of seeing American citizens who do not have what a normal human being has but we as America want to give billions to others who don’t give a damn to our national interests.

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