Do We Kill Time on the Social Media or Does it Kill Our Time?

It is a well-known fact by now, that everyone is quite busy with their lives and certainly, they must expect to be entertained aside from work, they wish for some quality time and thus one searches through certain sources that provide a chosen diversion to take their minds off of their hectic routine, entertainment is the sole thing they seek afterward, as opposed to one’s rough schedule.

Social media represents an all-in-one package, it contains material which would pleasure people of every age, young and old, this particular region of internet bears programs to each one’s preference which may include Films, TV shows, Dramas, Cartoons, and News.

All in all, social media is said to be quite a good offer of comfort, considering this knowledge, we can, more or less, already conclude how it might serve as an obsession to the generation; it may grow like culture, it could become repetitive and punctual.

Everything has a side, termed good and bad, although it may also depend upon a certain individual’s usage. With no uncertainty, social media is one of the most reliable and easiest sources to stay and get in touch with the world, indulging in family time while watching various genre of shows, relishing at the moment, yet there are quite negative aspects that bring issues regarding one’s mental and physical health, by an excessive intake of immersion.

There are such things that could affect our health while spending so much time on social media. Here a question arouses; does Binge-watching influence health? Binge-watching, per se, is an act that connects to the term addiction, completing six to eight episodes in one setting or better yet, an entire season.

According to the survey, it is stated that 73% of people watching Netflix spend hours on it, automatically proving that Binge watching is at the hand of ruining one’s health which is quite a bad example itself; it provokes an obsessive nature which already settles under the ruinous category, self-destructive behavior that our youth diligently engage themselves in.

Spending time on programs to refresh yourself is an understandable reason enough, nonetheless wasting your time and harming your health due to the excess is simply risky, every act done within a limit is majorly better.

As we have firm evidence to conclude that constant viewing becoming a habit may turn into something severe, such as social anxiety and obsessive tendencies, which may afflict our daily routine, irregular sleep, and appetite, as well as eyesight problems seen in many children, as of recently.

Scientists have examined that youngsters are most likely to get influenced by social media and destroy their basic activities; parents should keep an eye on their children over what they are watching and spending their time diligently on.

Youth is the future of any country, it is practically our responsibility to be careful and keep an open mind about our health. Addiction is an element dangerous enough to spoil a whole soul, we can enjoy everything at minimal range without making it habitual, the result of ignorance might contain a dark influence in our imagination and casual life.

Although everyone is free to roam each area at the expense of their enjoyment, however, it should not be at the risk of their health, leaning towards borderline harmful tendencies, it is best to rationalize the use while being safe and sound.



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