The Men Who Denounce Gender Equality

I have seen many men denouncing gender equality. They are now more furious because women of today no longer fit the mental image they conceived by consuming the classic literature where women were portrayed pretty, soft in nature, the epitome of goodness and loyalty, and most importantly dependent on men either as their wives, sisters, or their daughters.

Since their birth, men are inculcated various toxic ideas that objectify women in a sugar-coated way. One example of it is “Aurat Hamari izzat hai”. Men, From birth, are taught to protect women because they are symbolized as their “izzat” which program their subconscious mind to believe that they have superiority over women in some way.

The time’s changing and women are growing out of their homes to seek their own identity. Instead of seeing men as their “defenders”, they now question the system why defenders are needed at all. They seek to develop a society where their individuality is respected and celebrated meritoriously not just as a mother, sister, or a daughter.

So why do some men think women should not be called equal to them?

This is because of two different reasons they have in their minds:

1) Physical Strength

2) Religion

1) Physical Strength:

Many men ridicule women and challenge them to do physically strenuous tasks if they want to be equal. They mock them for not working on “tandoor” or not cleaning gutters and whatnot. What such men do not realize that when women talk about equality it’s more about the cerebral one, not the physical one. Men are made physical stronger than women but they are in no way behind them mentally, in fact, in many professions, men are being outperformed by women and more and more organizations/ countries are choosing women to be their leaders and these organizations/countries are way ahead of countries like Pakistan.

2) Religion:

A great majority of men would bring religion into this debate and would argue that Islam teaches women to be under the command of men and to remain under a veil. Well, Islam does teach us that but so it does teach us 1000s of other things which men and women must follow. It is about personal choice how much a person wants religion in his/her life. Just because if there’s a man who does not offer prayers or keep a beard doesn’t mean you have the right to disregard his individuality, similarly women also have their own choices to what extent they want to follow a religion, it’s not anyone’s job to enforce your religion upon them.

Remember, you can no longer control a human being based on his gender or define ways for them, they have their rights and should have their own space to live a life of freedom.

To all the women out there who are making efforts to prove themselves and moving forward Happy women’s day!


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