A Few Lessons from Zainab’s Case

Child abuse is much more common in Pakistan than we like to believe. Most of the perpetrators of child abuse incidents are relatives or friends of the victims’ families or local mullahs.

A few observations based on my experience as a police officer:

  1. I have interviewed more than a dozen child rapists and found one thing in common: the perpetrators who rape or molest children had been raped during their own childhood. Victims later became perpetrators. Not all victims. But all these child rapists were once victims. Psychologists need to study it from this angle.
  2. Pakistani parents are criminally negligent of their children. Leaving children alone or allowing them to go out of their houses is an objectionable common practice. It’s a crime in Western countries to leave child alone at home or allowing children to go out without parental supervision.
  3. Children are not taught even the most basic sex education in our society that no adult can touch some of their body parts like lower abdomen, back and thighs. In USA, it’s considered awkward to even shake hands with children of other families. Their maxim is “children don’t shake hands”.
  4. It’s time government introduced some laws to address this issue permanently. We need to study the laws of the western states to see how they protect their children. One law states that parent(s) can’t leave a child below 11 alone in or out of their house.
  5. In this case, we must reject, discourage and confront the popular demand of public hanging of the culprit. Isn’t there already enough violence in our society?

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