Reforming Recruitment System

For a visible change, you need to take some extraordinary measures. Our current recruitment system has been designed in such a way which favours a particular class of citizens. With an unnecessary emphasis on proficiency in the English language, a handful of candidates with elite schooling gets the upper hand over a large pool of citizens having a lower-middle background.

These administrators are often blamed for poor performance. Poor performance leads to poor service delivery and bad-governance. To get things right, an overhaul of the system is needed. The start must be made from the recruitment system. Instead of taking citizens from a particular class, the other-large must also be tested; at least on an experimental basis.

Candidates must be tested for their knowledge instead of language proficiency. There must be no bar of language. Candidates must be allowed to express themselves in any language they are good in. This will not only help the now-deprived lower-middle-class in keeping pace with the elite class but a new class will also be added to the system with a better likelihood.

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