The Use of Religion as a Tool of Warfare

We observed different situations in the current world regards to religion and religious people. Most people use religion just for self benefits. About the major religion is Christianity and Islam which is 31.4 percent and 23.2 percent throughout the world but again the basic issue regards to religion are also the same thing and that is the use of it.

If a newborn baby does not know about the basic principles of any religion will be considered the way of hatred is just Religion. Because a religion-free person will never hate or love someone without any reason.

It does not mean that religion just seeks hatred to people and it’s spreading, but unfortunately, the extremist followers and believers observed the same phenomenon of hatred.

If we look at the background scene of the extremist followers and believers they just want and try their best to get self benefits in one way or another, accept nothing.

The basic principles of all religions contain the best ideas and thoughts for a standard and ideal life.

But the factor of self-interest diminished the concept of best ideas nearby influential thinkers.

The extremist believer and followers of every religion involve to spread the hatred to some extent due to its less knowledge and blind following. Hopefully, good days near and the discrimination about many things will finish and finally, love will get standard position.


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