What i have learned in 8 years of University Teaching
  1. Don’t ever underestimate your dumb students, for some weird reason they end up in pretty good positions few years from graduation . They don’t always start well but because they are not that bright they stick to the first job they get. They will probably be the only ones to have a career track
  2. The brightest students are not necessarily the most respectful ones.
  3. Good GPA is not necessarily equal to a good person
  4. Good GPA is also not necessarily equal to a smart person.
  5. The smarty pants back-benchers, who always do bad in exams but never come and complain, are usually the ones who end up with good jobs… in “worst” cases they actually become entrepreneurs and that too good ones.
  6. Most students think that you have ended up in teaching because you are a loser.
  7. People outside your profession find it impossible to believe that you still have to be in office in summers and on the days of no classes.
  8. The concept of 9-5 teaching job or 3-6, 6-9 classes is impossible for most people to digest.
  9. The critical thinkers may not always do well in exams but they do very well in life.
  10. No matter how rich some students are, they will “suffer” when it comes to buying a pen, pencil, register, and lets not even discuss a printer.
  11. The most vocal generation on “system” and “change” will not think twice about cheating as soon as they get a chance in the exams.
  12. Some students.. when they speak, you will truly understand the meaning of “Appearances are deceptive” … very very deceptive.
  13. Dear Students, Yes we have a life outside teaching.
  14. Dear Students, We are dead inside, no point crying for grades.
  15. Last but not the least, Dear students, we are not blind and can instantly spot the following,  Frequent mobile phone users,Chips Eaters, Idiots, Couples

and the learning continues.