Decisional Dilemma and Modus Operandi

Psychology reveals, there is nothing such that like a wrong decision, the wrong is individual attitude, behavior, quest and resolute towards decision, although, the one who has taken the decision has the sane ability to make it abysmally right neither wrong.

Decision is an indispensable accord, which individual makes to himself, to fulfill a wish, dream and outpouring matters of daily life. Successful and fruitful life is underlying on adept and plaudits decisions. No decision is wrong. Decisions which were taken solitary individually or collectively have feat protracted impacts on livelihood. Every decision has its own candid, exquisite and grueling pathway to achieve the taken decision, and make it lucrative fete.

Why do decisions go wrong? Consequentially, the answer lies in diverse aspects.

First, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step- the person took the decision but do not outset the path. Two reasons for this defiance are, the person’s has minor interests in decisional goals, secondly, he had taken the decision in surreal and unconscious way bluntly. There, the interests and outlays confront each other and decision goes wrong, because, the attitude does not meet to the requirement and water-down the decision. To make it right just start to justify the said aspiration.

Secondly, actions speak louder than words, the person only does lip-service and does not start by himself. Nothing is free and everything has its covert and overt value. The mitigation and evict of vanity and inaction guarantees the lofty success. If people act according to the path -by start working- they will confiscate the goal. Here again, flimsy attitude and behavior do not match to the path and decision goes wrong. The person has to act, like take the bull by the horns, to make it right and does not consider it onus and pull one’s socks up.

Thirdly, – if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself – when decision, however, attached with someone else too, an attached decision, in which both the parties behave dilly-dally and create intricacy within the path. Both depends upon each other but no one is willing to ramp-up the struggle. Two wrongs don’t make a right but two heads are better than one. Here the interdependence of activities sprinkles the discontent and bog down the decision. They saw vis-a-vis and deliberately expect much from the brethren which vanish the true aim and undermine the collegial and collective contribution in the path. They need to strive and buoyed each other to obtain the said goal and pave the way to make the decision right.

Fourthly, don’t count your chickens before they hatch – the process of decision to said goal has autonomous path, which comprises facets like time, stages and antics. People do less and expect much before time, they do, they saw back, they stop, which creates a rupture in defined path because a watched pot never boils. Here, the evaluation of each step is pragmatically important to go further but remember one thing the journey follows steps, you saw the pot when you complete a step then proceed further. A right decision demands discern strategy to unravel the steps.

Fifthly, don’t put too many irons in the fire – life is like a game, like games, life also has privy and latent stages. Every stage has its own requirements and demands, when a person fulfill these, then the person happily enter into the next stage. But the exuberant base on the requisite stage, if the previous stage is uncompleted then the next stage won’t guarantee the savour and boon. At this facet, contemplate and ponder the stage deeply then start working to make decision right. When people act like Burn the candle at both ends, they do not achieve any single side. But in daily life matter, individual faces heterogeneous decisions and only thing ensures the success is the individual’s extraordinary nous ability to glorify and upkeep the path. Their behavior must gauge the struggle and enthusiasm in action like whack-a-mole is a projection of prosperous life.

Last, but not the least, don’t put until tomorrow what you can do today – people become deliberately lazy and sluggish. The laggard in attitude procrastinate the path, they choose dodgy, selfish, benighted and ruse tactics in excuses. This deceleration puts the decision behind the cart. This is a situation – writing is on the wall – of deadlock where boldly wimpy behavior lags the dilemma. Here, time is money, time is success, and there is no time like present. To make a decision right no waste of time is a prerequisite of success.

In nutshell, when a person takes a decision or come to an alliance and proximity of life matters, remember one thing, the impacts of decisions on life are prolonged either it is right or wrong. The man has every ability what the ancient ideal men had, everyone can achieve what he assumes but there are some requisites be diligent, active, acute, shrew and apotheosis. Take a decision once then deliver and invest every energy you have to make it right. Bertrand Russell says, two chief elements make work interesting: the exercise of skill and the construction, by using these, an ordinary person can say, there is nothing such that like a wrong decision. We have to do it, we can do it, yeah, we did it… by starting with a single step.

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