Zoha Zuberi’S ‘Jo Tu Na Mera’ Provides A Modern Twist To The Beats Of Yesteryears


1ST April 2021: Singer, songwriter, Zoha Zuberi releases a new single ‘Jo Tu Na Mera’ on the 1ST April 2021. Written and composed by the artist herself, the track has been produced by Ali Mustafa, mastered by Asif Hassan, also featuring guitar maestro Nabeel Nihal Chishti. ‘Jo Tu Na Mera’ marks Zuberi’s 4th single since the launch of her EP ‘February’ launched back in 2019.

From her humble beginnings as a cover artist in Islamabad to releasing nine original tracks,

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The lesson of the Morning

Today I experienced that your surrounding is not only from which you can borrow some happiness, the thing that makes you happy is not what you see in front of you. There is something stirred everywhere and in every forest of concrete. Did you ever see yourself standing erect in the garden but it smells malodorous, I am pretty certain – it will take you a minute to come out of the garden.

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American Exit From Afghanistan

These days, a highly important question is whether America will exit Afghanistan or not. Will Biden Administration act upon the US-Taliban Deal? All need an answer to this question from Biden who has assumed charge of one of the most influential presidencies of the world. Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump and the Afghan Taliban signed a deal at the start of 2020 in Doha, Qatar to end the 18-year long war. The signatory representatives of this deal were Zalmay Khalilzad and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and Mike Pompeo was present as a witness. The mediator of this deal was Pakistan. The deal says that in a period of the first 135 days of the deal America will reduce her forces in Afghanistan to 8,600, with allies also drawing down their forces proportionately and 5,000 Taliban prisoners and 1,000 Afghan security force prisoners would also be exchanged within a set period.

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The Abortion Case: A Message for Our Youth

The biggest dilemma of our society is that our youth is going in a very wrong direction. Sometimes it seems like they are becoming blind. I would not criticize them at all if we are not living in a Muslim country. We gain this sacred homeland to raise a nation on the parameters of Islam. I haven’t revealed my main topic yet but I know many of you already got it. We know our flaws yet prefer to live like this.

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