Nyla Ali Khan’s Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah’s Reflections on Kashmir

To most Pakistani readers, the figure of Sheikh Abdullah, even when they have not read anything about him, is often, at best, a problematic figure and, at worst, a traitor. Traitor to what cause? No one knows or seems to care. Certainly, the fact that a large segment of Kashmiris, at least on the Indian side of the Line of Control, elected him to the positions of leadership does not figure very prominently in the Pakistani imagination.
Thus, while those Kashmiris who spew the Pakistani policy lines and declare “Jihad” on India are celebrated as heroes in Pakistan, Sheikh Abdullah stays shrouded in this phantasmagoric mist, a shadow figure, a collaborator, a betrayer of trust and certainly not what other Kashmiris often called him and still remember him by: The Lion of Kashmir.

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Acknowledgement-at the very coalface

Swinging from end to end with worth seeing suppleness; gliding across a packed vehicle in a monkey-climbing manner; sticking out and clinging around doors; popping out of the windows; and creeping precariously from one door to the other along the peripheries, he must have mastered the art of high-risk-maneuvering rendering him an intrepid. This dare devil is usually a pencil-thin guy, clad in generous-sized pure traditional outfit (Salwaar Kameez), calling shots for the overall communication throughout the bus and is ipso facto the sole retail phase so is the only point of contact, he himself dices with the death but keeps the communication going by thumping and beating the rusty metallic bus doors to get his voice heard to everyone notwithstanding the ruckus, each time the bus calls at the stop.

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Art imitating life or life imitating art? This is the question philosophers have posed for years. Whether one is a proponent of the Aristotelian Mimesis of art imitating life or a supporter of the Anti-Mimesis philosophy of life imitating art, one thing is certain – inspiration can come from anywhere. Consider.

The Chilcot inquiry in the UK, setup to assess the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) claims, suggested that the 1996 film The Rock might have been the inspiration behind the insinuation that chemical agents could be carried in glass containers. Recall that in The Rock, green globules of a nerve agent are secured in glass containers and deployed in Alcatraz prison in San Francisco.

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